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Seller's Home Inspection

Inspecting A Home In Windsor A Seller's Inspection, also known as a Pre-Listing Inspection, by Seacliff Inspections is a powerful tool to help sell your home quicker and easier. The inspection report helps sellers, real estate professionals, and most importantly, buyers understand the condition of your home up front, resulting in fair pricing, no last minute surprises, and more comfortable buyers. Early correction of identified problems increase a home's appeal, it's selling price and sets the stage for a more favourable home inspection report should the home buyer request one.

If a Sellers' Home Inspection is not on your list of things to do when selling your house, it should be. As real estate continues to become more of a buyers' market, a seller's home inspection helps your home stand out from the crowd.

Standard Seller's Package
Seacliff Inspections will perform a Complete Home Inspection on the property, evaluating all of the home's systems and components from the basement to the roof. If necessary, we will use additional electronic test equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture and gas meters, to verify or evaluate conditions. Upon completion of the inspection, the seller will receive:

  • A thorough, colour PDF of the inspection report that potential buyers can reference online. This report includes:
    • Descriptions of the home's systems and components.
    • The current condition of all the home's systems and components
    • Improvement recommendations for existing issues with estimated cost and priority.
    • Colour photos to provide clarity
    • Valuable links to additional reference material
  • A durable, quality lawn sign that assures confidence in real-estate professionals and buyers
  • A PDF summary of the report highlighting both the positive aspects of the home while providing suggestions on areas that require improvement

Inspection report summary Premium Seller's Package
The Premium Seller's Package includes everything in the standard package plus a beautifully bound hardcopy of the inspection report and 50 high quality print copies of the Summary Report to help market your home to potential buyers. This is a great add-on for open houses. To view a sample Summary Report, click here.

For The Buyer
While the Seller's Inspection will help to get buyers through the door and interested in your house, many buyers want to have their own inspection. This is not uncommon. Some buyers just want a bit better understanding of the findings. Seacliff Inspections can help these buyers with an Onsite Review of the inspection report. This is essentially a walk-through of the home with the inspection report in hand. All findings can be reviewed first-hand, and we can address any new concerns that the buyers may have. This service can be performed before or after the buyer purchases the property.

Sell your home with confidence. Seacliff Inspections takes the surprises out of your real-estate transactions whether you're buying or selling a home.