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5 Fridge Maintenance Tips to Follow to Keep it Working Efficiently

Follow these tips to keep your fridge working running like new.

  1. Always keep the condenser coils clean

When the condenser coils are covered with layers of dust, the fridge cannot function properly. Always pull the machine away from the wall at least twice in a year, unplug your fridge and vacuum the brush attachment.

  1. Inspect the door seals

A loose seal let all cool air to seep away and that leads to wastage of energy which strains your top refrigerateur to work harder than required. Firstly, ensure that the seals have no food residue stuck on it. You need to clean the seal once in every six months with the help of a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water. You can also give the dollar bill test a try. Close the paper note in the door so as half of the bill is out and another half is inside. If the bill slips out easily, you need to have the door seals inspected by a professional.

  1. Keep a few water jugs filled up inside your fridge

Fridges have thermal mass in order to keep the low temperatures consistent. Cool foods and drinks suck away the warm air that seeps in when you open the fridge door. If you eat out often or your fridge is larger than you need, then it is recommended to store a few jugs of water inside.

  1. Always be prepared

If the power cut happens, always keep the door closed and use the food stored in the pantry. When the door is closed, the food stored inside your fridge will be kept safe for four hours at max. The freezer will keep the temperature consistent for 48 hours at least. And a full day if it is half full.

  1. Defrost your fridge and freezer manually

When the frost has been stuck on the inside walls of the freezer to at least one half inch thickness, then remove the food from the fridge, turn the thermostat off and let the frost melt away. Once it is done, turn on the unit back on and let it reach its operating temperature and restock it with food. But if you have a fridge and freezer that defrost by itself, then you don’t have to do anything. Your fridge heats the cooling coils in order to melt the frost away. The water then drains into a pan equipped at the bottom of the freezer. When the water evaporates, you need to clean the pain to keep the odors and bacteria at bay.

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