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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Log Cabin Kits

Nowadays, log homes have become very popular. A log cabin kit refers to a turnkey home that has all the materials needed to build a complete log cabin. But, the huge choice for lumber, types of logs, parts and log wall systems can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t bought a log cabin before. This article will guide you everything in brief about Frontier log home cabin kits. A log home kit has all the key materials needed to build a log cabin. It usually includes log walls, flooring, roofing, windows and doors. They are sold by dealers for making a log cabin completely. Buying a log home kit lets you build a log cabin with the help of a stepwise framework to comply with building codes and permits.

Milled versus handcrafted log homes

There are many ways to customize a log home. A milled kit is a kit where every log has been machine processed with a lathe. Every milled log is the same to give your cabin a uniform look where the cabin needs limited chinking. The logs are smooth because of their machine finish.

A handcrafted or bespoke log home kit is where each log is scribed and peeled by hand with the help of chisel, chainsaw and draw knife. Every log is unique making a cabin look rustic and an old fashioned look. This offers more customizability and preserves the natural features of the log. A handcrafted kit will cost you more than the milled because there is labor involved.

Notching and chinking

A notch is a technique that helps in joining two logs together where the log walls meet. The most common ones are:

  1. Scandinavian Saddle Notch
  2. Full Dovetail Notch
  3. Butt and Pass Notch
  4. D Log Tongue and Groove
  5. Corner Post Notch

Chinking is a material that helps in sealing the imperfect joints of logs. Chinking builds a barrier between log cabin and elements to avoid air filtration and heat loss. Chinking was made from cement and lime, but for modern log cabins, chinking is a synthetically made sealant.

Types of lumber and log profiles

The most commonly used lumber are:

  1. Pine (White, Yellow and Red)
  2. White Cedar (Eastern or Western)
  3. Cypress
  4. Spruce

Cedar is deemed premium. A log kit can easily be made from hardwood. Cedar can also withstand weathering and is deemed a quality choice.

When it comes to log profiles, there are four of them:

  1. D-Log
  2. Round Log
  3. Half-Log
  4. Square Log

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