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Helping To Make A House Your Home

Buying or selling a home is an exciting adventure, and probably the biggest investment of your life. The process can be very challenging both emotionally and financially. And, as you know, there are always risks involved. Seacliff Inspections can help you reduce your risk by eliminating costly and stressful surprises associated with buying that new or older home.

At Seacliff Inspections, we help intelligent home buyers make smart choices. A professional home inspection reduces the risk of buying a new home.

Meeting Or Exceeding The Standards
We have experience inspecting a wide variety of houses ranging from newly constructed townhomes to century old manors. From the roof to the crawlspace, we perform a complete visual examination of all readily accessible systems and components of the property you are purchasing or selling. Our clients receive a fully detailed report with photos and solid recommendations for improving or repairing any problems or conditions found.

We can provide you with any of the following home inspection services:

Inspections are non-destructive. As we do not own the home, we can not look inside walls, or under floors, or remove panels which are not intended for the homeowner to remove. For more details on the specifics of the inspection, we recommend you review the Standards Of Practice. This is the same standard followed by virtually all registered home inspectors in Ontario. Seacliff Inspections assures you that we will meet or exceed these standards.

Reasonable Rates

Considering the total expense involved in buying or selling a house, including commissions, lawyers fees, and moving expenses, the cost of a home inspection is relatively cheap. It's a very small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings. More information on our fees can be found here.

For your convenience, we schedule inspections 7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon or early evening. No extra fee for evenings or weekends, or travel.

Smart home buyers choose Seacliff Inspections for a truly honest opinion of the property they are about to purchase. During the course of a typical inspection, we will examine all the home's systems and components from the roof to the basement or crawlspace so you know exactly what you are buying.